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Apollo’s Crown came to be instinctively and organically, built on the foundation of a love and passion for music. The band might call it serendipity, or even their karma. Years before having met, Brian & Victoria unknowingly shared the same stage during a Shania Twain concert, as a choir singer & singing competition winner respectively. For Victoria & Andrew, it took going across the world to Hong Kong to find one another.

As if drawn together by the aether, three close friends harnessed an authentic but familiar modern-vintage sound, showing their vulnerabilities through their heart-on-the-sleeve style of writing and passionate, heartfelt, soulful music.


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Based out of Nashville, Apollo’s Crown is now in the finishing stages of working on their highly anticipated debut album, recorded at Grand Victor Studios, with Grammy-Nominated Record Producer, Dave Brainard (Brandy Clark, Jerrod Niemann, Ray Scott, Jamey Johnson, Jamie Kent).

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